Sociological survey on a dating site

The statements were answered objectively, with one of the five responses referring to the degree of intensity - never, little, moderately, frequently, extremely - of the scale of attitudes. All agreed to participate freely and with consent.

The scores obtained by men and women were similar in both groups. Within this group, three intervals were defined. Figure 2 shows the frequency of negative attitudes in men and women free hook up sites.

With these results, it was found that both sexes presented similar results related to positive feelings. When it was the partner who took the initiative to terminate, the levels were the highest of the three categories, reaching 37 points in men and 52 points in women. We can relate these values ​​to Maldonado's theory, p.

Is the Bible macho? And this is also a subject that must be taken seriously because it has to do with the initial identity of Christianity. Realize, dating goes beyond having someone nice with an attractive body you need to teach young people how to choose their partner. Today children start relationships very early and little is said about the consequences of doing so. What is the ideal age to date? How should he or she treat me? What is dating for? It is one of the flags of modern Christianity, which develops projects like I chose to hope that promotes actions to help young people to remain pure until marriage.

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